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Yatungka Gordon

Thank You for the time you took to sell me a car that meet all my families needs.
Not your average car dealership caring husband and wife team were really helpful and worked with my budget.
If you are looking for a people mover that is safe, well taken care of and reliable this is your one-stop shop. Good range that fits all budgets.
And a husband and wife listen and accommodate you and your needs.

Thanks so much we love our car xoxo


Their service was prompt, honest and extremely helpful. Compared to other dealers - without hassle - I was able to see the Japanese Auction report, de-reg certificate and other documentation that showed the car's history.

Did Sani

Just bought a Elgrand from Sam. Had the car a couple of days now and what a car, it is immaculate. If you are looking for a good quality import car this is the place to go!! Service is amazing and trustworthy.

Thank you again I love it!

Rafael Dye

Sami was extremely patient and answered all the million questions I had throughout the purchase. I already had faith in him, but it was when I actually pulled out of the purchase and seeing how professionally and respectfully he handled the situation - I felt even more comfortable with how he does business.

I took a few more days to look at other vehicles, but they were all sub par compared to the immaculate ones there on the floor, so I ended up coming back and going through with the original purchase. I had a pre-purchase inspection with state roads and the mechanic was very happy with the car.

I’ve been driving it for 2 weeks now and loving it, the best decision ever.
Thanks, Sami and Marylin for all your hard work and patience!

Kim Ji-hoon

They are definitely kind and gave me great service. If you find any van, I strongly would like you to visit there. You will find anything you want.

Reynald Paye

Highly recommended car dealers in Sydney!

Philline Janson

Sami and Marilyn are truly accommodating. Would highly recommend to anyone who's looking for top-notch quality cars.

jim brian tiu

You buy with Confidence.

Winevo Chuenba

The best quality Japanese Imported Cars. Excellent!
The best of the Best Dealership!

Irene Usacheva

Thank you very much Sami and the team for helping one more happy family find their perfect car! The process was smooth, great service, knowledgeable staff, flexibility with meeting time,we are very happy overall.